Together doTERRA® Global Convention 2019

Together doTERRA® Global Convention 2019

doTERRA® Cedarwood

doTERRA® Cedarwood

doTERRA On Guard® Sanitizing Mist

doTERRA On Guard® Sanitizing Mist

doTERRA® SPA Rose Hand Lotion

doTERRA® SPA Rose Hand Lotion

Deep Blue® Rub and 5 mL Deep Blue® essential oil

Deep Blue® Rub and 5 mL Deep Blue® essential oil

Essential Oils

Massage Revelation is happy to be a Wellness Advocate of doTERRA CPTG® essential oils.

We are here to help provide you with knowledge and products that support a healthy lifestyle. Feel free to contact us directly for questions or shop directly at

Save 25% when you purchase a Wholesale Membership

doTERRA offers product through a yearly wholesale membership. For a membership fee of $35.00*, a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate will receive the following benefits:

  • 25% off retail prices

  • Option to receive 10–30% of orders back in points redeemable for free product

  • Option to receive the cost of your shipping back in points redeemable for free product

  • Place a monthly order over 125 PV and receive the free product of the month

*After becoming a Wholesale Member, the yearly renewal fee for a wholesale membership is $25.00. This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils doTERRA offers, a retail value of $27.33. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Wholesale Member or the benefits listed above, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

August Special Offers:

From August 1 through August 15, place a 125 PV LRP order and receive a FREE 5 mL Laurel Leaf!

Athletes in ancient Greece were awarded wreaths of laurel for winning the Olympic Games. The oil is equally confidence-building. Known for its bright, spicy, and sweet scent, Laurel Leaf uplifts the senses and promotes courage, clear thinking, and concentration. It’s perfect for massaging onto overworked muscles for soothing relief.

  • Use three to four drops to a diffuser for an uplifting atmosphere.

  • Place a few drops in your morning shower to invigorate yourself and promote vitality.

  • Add one drop to a moisturizer and apply to your skin to leave you clean and revitalized.

10% off Cedarwood

There’s nothing quite like Cedarwood to help you unwind at the end of the day. Like the soaring tree it comes from, Cedarwood encourages tranquility, peace, and stillness. It helps your inside as well as your outside, promoting healthy-looking skin. Plus, it keeps the pests away.

  • Add a drop on a cotton ball and place in your closet to keep moths at bay.

  • Before exercising, massage one to two drops into your chest to maintain vitality throughout your workout.

  • Add one to two drops to your facial toner or moisturizer to promote healthy-looking skin.

Brevi™ Diffuser with Harvest Spice is back!

Enhance and transform any room or personal workspace with the Brevi™ Walnut Diffuser. The contemporary circle design offers a sleek, modern look. Brevi can run 5 hours continuously and 10 hours intermittently. With ultrasonic technology and multiple light settings, you can easily enjoy the benefits of misting aromatic essential oils and create your own uplifting environment.

  • Ideal for personal space: Modern design runs 5 hours continuously/ 10 intermittently

  • Safety feature: Automatic shut off when the water level is low

  • Selectable LED: several light color options including blue, purple, yellow, and warm white LED feature can be set to cycle through all 4 colors, a single color, or off

  • Ultra-fine mist fills a room up to 270 sq. feet in size

Celebrate wonderful memories while you gather with loved ones and enjoy the warm and comforting aroma of Harvest Spice Blend. Inviting and heartwarming, this proprietary blend combines sweet and spicy with Cassia Bark, Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon; the soothing with Cedarwood; and the fresh and uplifting aroma of Eucalyptus. Wrap yourself in contentment by diffusing this delicious blend daily and enjoy the rich, grounding aromas of a season of giving thanks.

Retail: $58.67/Wholesale: $44.00