Massage Revelation is a massage studio located in Bastrop, TX founded by Grant & Tamara Maceri. With emphasis on soft tissue manipulation, Massage Revelation encourages continued therapeutic massage to enhance overall relaxation & bring balance to both body & mind.


Grant Maceri, Licensed Massage Therapist/Owner

Tamara Maceri, Licensed Massage Therapist/Owner

Carmella Culp, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jannette Leyva, Licensed Massage Therapist

Client Reviews

Sharon W. - January 26, 2019
Tamara did a great job, I feel so much better! It was hard for me to turn my head and look down, but now I have a greater range of motion and my back feels relaxed.

Joyce H. - January 19, 2019
I was experiencing severe pain in my elbow from a tendonitis flare up Monday. It had me functioning at 65% capacity I was at a loss at what to do. I booked an appointment with Grant Wednesday. Even though I was so tender and in pain he helped me in a way that had me back to being able to work again the next day and I’m 95% back to normal. I can’t recommend MR enough!

Lisa H. - January 10, 2019
Jannette had the perfect amount of pressure for me! Thank you for a much-needed massage.

Rhonda A. - January 9, 2019
I have gotten some much needed relief here. I work with my hands all day and will have arm & hand pain often as a result. I get relief with every treatment. I always feel comfortable & enjoy the professionalism from the staff. They are welcoming, friendly, and I think they do wonderful work.

Vicky D. - January 8, 2019
Felt much better than when I got there.

Shayla T. - November 2018
Calm, clean, inviting and relaxing. Massage Revelation definitely transports you to a place of tranquility. Grant and Tamara Maceri were fabulous! Highly recommend!

Kevin W. - October 15, 2018
Grant really knows how to find my trigger points and work them out. His deep tissue massage are helpful and help alleviate some of my pain.

The atmosphere is therapeutic and calming.

Would recommend to anyone who needs therapeutic massage treatment.

Brooke S. - October 12, 2018
My husband and I have had lots of deep tissue massages, and this is by far the best one we’ve ever had. Grant and Tamara are incredible! From the very first phone call they were great! I wish we lived closer so we could make seeing them a frequent occurrence.

Rachael B. - September 7, 2018
Amazing, accommodative, professional staff. This will be my go to place for massages from now on! Loved it...I feel amazing!

Ada C. - June 9, 2018
If you’re reading this, you need a massage.
I always leave feeling light, refreshed and so calm. The ambiance is very pleasant and massages are so rejuvenating and therapeutic. Massage Revelation is a treasure you won’t find anywhere else. Thanks again for such wonderful treatment Tamara!

Sarah G. -June 2, 2018
I saw Grant for a deep tissue massage and he did a wonderful job hitting all the problem spots. I highly recommend him as he gave one of the best deep tissue massages I’ve had.

Brittany P. - May 24, 2018
Good god where to start I feel 110% better, and what a amazing experience the staff were amazing and I will be scheduling my next visit very soon

Michelle F. - May 18, 2018
Grant was great. Highly recommended!! Definitely will go back

Lori W. - April 5, 2018
Have been seeing Tamara for a little over a month now for a pinched nerve in my shoulder area, she's been awesome!!! I tried physical therapy for a few weeks and it was not helping at all. I am so glad I found Massage Revelation and I'm looking forward to my next appointment which is tomorrow :-) Would HIGHLY recommend!!!!

Tena W. - February 28, 2018
Grant and Tamara are AMAZING. Precious couple that truly care about people and their well being! I can’t recommend them enough!!!! Best massage in Bastrop! Give them a try, they won’t rub you the wrong way!

Debbie W. - January 5, 2018
Tamara is the best. I followed her from another salon & my only issue is that I can't afford daily massages! She seriously gets my knots out & I've tried plenty others over the years. Can't wait till my next one:)

Becky E. -December 26, 2017
Tamara is awesome! I was looking for someone with lots of experience and would treat my specific challenges as an indivdual. She takes the time to understand your personal needs and offers the best solutions which are tailored for you. Whether I've had a stressful week and tension has built up in my upper back, neck and shoulders or I just need a Zen day for total relaxation she has the solution. I would not normally drive 40 minutes for a product or service that was available closer, but Tamara is well worth it! I would highly recommend Tamara if you are looking for a true professional.

Dayna D. December 21, 2017
It really doesn’t matter whether you see Grant or Tamara at Massage Revelation you’re going to have a first class, very professional, therapeutic massage like you’ve never had before. From the minute you walk in to their business it’s very clear that they’re passionate about healing. They are both highly educated in body mechanics and how the body heals itself through human touch. Please do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a therapeutic massage at this relaxing, beautiful place for healing and health.

Scott S. - December 20, 2017
What a great experience! I have a rare illness and the people at Message Revelation suggested several innovative protocols designed to ease my pain and discomfort. I have been to many different natural healers and regular MD's and Massage Revelation was one of the very few who cared enough to listen to me and they went out of their way to research my condition to become better aware of my needs. They really care about their clients. I can't recommend them enough, very professional and knowledgeable but most of all caring.

Ronda C. - December 13, 2017
What an intense massage!! I went in with muscle soreness and stiffness - left feeling totally relaxed. I really enjoyed how Tamara could feel my tension and simply just work it right out. The next day, even better...I had significant decrease in pain and a huge increase in range of motion. I highly recommend Tamara for an Ashi session!

Taylor W. - December 5, 2017
From the ambiance to the actual massage, everything at Massage Revelation was top notch. I haven’t felt that relaxed in a good long time. I recommend them all the time.

Kit C. - November 28, 2017
Fantastic place to get a massage. Really peaceful and relaxing environment. Good technique and care. It is what you would expect from well trained individuals in the technique that is massage.

Gary C. - November 11, 2017
After a terrible and stressful period in my life, I went to Massage Revelation. I left more relaxed than I had been in months. Totally professional, super friendly and completely in tune to the needs of the client. Highly recommend!

Molly T. - October 19, 2017
Tamara and Grant are awesome. Totally relaxing. So glad we found them.

Mark A. - October 19, 2017
I have had Chronic Back Problems for going on 13 years, my back was in such bad shape 5 years ago that I was only getting 3 hours of sleep a night. Tamara is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced she knows just the perfect amount of pressure to apply to work out all the knots. Can't say enough great things about her expertise. Cordially, Mark

Dana R. - October 16, 2017
Tamara is great! She helped me get through some major muscle issues after having my knee replaced and did targeted scar massage treatments. Highly recommend!

Jennifer C. - August 2, 2017
Grant and Tamara are really good at what they do. They have helped our family with our various tension and pain issues. Very professional and peaceful.

Tracey B. - July 28, 2017
Tamara is the BEST massage therapist! SO glad to have found her more than five years ago.

Sally S. - May 10, 2017
Tamara and Grant Maceri are the best when it comes to helping you heal, relax and absolutely melt into the massage table! They are truly masters of massage therapy!

Haley G. - March 6, 2017
Grant and Tamara are both wonderful! Grant gave me a relaxing, soothing massage and I felt so refreshed afterwards. It was hands down the best massage I've ever had. I was having lower back pain and Tamara kicked it right out! Such an amazing duo! Highly recommended.

Kaylie C. - February 26, 2017
Tamara gives the BEST prenatal massage! I carry so much stress in my hips and lower back and after she was done, I felt like a whole new person! Her pressure is consistent throughout the entire massage. You can tell she really "listens" your muscles and adjusts accordingly. Definitely recommend! Definitely going back!

Chad H. - February 20, 2017
Tamara has helped me work some pretty serious pain from aggravating an old neck injury from Judo. After seeing a number of massage therapists throughout the years, there is no comparison. Not even close. She finds what needs work and does what is necessary. She is also excellent at helping to troubleshoot sources of pain. I have referred Tamara to many of my students as well. Absolutely awesome!

Jackie C. - February 20, 2017
Tamara is awesome! She's very intuitive and "listens" to your muscles. One of the best therapists I've had!